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Speed up your Production Chain

Boosting the evolution of manufacturing industry


Struggling for survival in production chain improvement

Factory automation is progressing steadily around the world. Production technologies are evolving every day with the main objective of labor saving and production cost reduction, such as control of manufacturing equipment using PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)and automatic inspection improved using image recognition technology .

In addition to advances on hardware such as sensors and processors, advances in software technologies to control them have enabled high-speed processing of large amounts of data. The movement to analyze all data in real time, also called "Smart Factory", is being realized to optimize all value chains.

Movements towards "Smart Factory" can be seen all over the world. In order to realize it, conventional manufacturing companies and IT companies are competing to attain leadership .


Beyond this competition, fundamental changes such as replacing legacy equipment, lead time shortening and shifting to a solution-oriented model with sophisticated after-sales service is being realized. It can be seen as a paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry.

Fixstars' smart factory solution

— We contribute to improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry through multi-architectural experience


Improvement of manufacturing site by image processing technology

Demands on cost reduction and quality improvement is continuously increasing. Image processing technology is also evolving quickly due to advances in sensors and algorithms.
We support advancement of visual inspection by real time processing of high resolution images and the realization of detecting deviations from standard operations by learning the behavior pattern of people working at the factory.


Implementation of edge computing environment

The move to utilize the data gathered from manufacturing equipment to increase production efficiency is becoming fully-fledged. On the other hand, in order to analyze all the data, the current processing capacity is insufficient, and when processing in the cloud, problems of traffic volume and latency become obvious.
We support the implementation of new mechanisms to process large amounts of data at high speed on the edge side (equipment side).


Smart factoryization

Movements seeking to improve efficiency are no longer limited to manufacturing sites. Big data from manufacturing sites are gathered to improve efficiency. In addition, advancements to organically utilize inventory, purchasing and sales data are seen all over the world.
In Fixstars we have professionals with numerous system architectural understandings. These professionals also being statistical and mathematical analytic skills to provide high-speed solutions.

Service list


Software optimization

According to customer's request (required specification), we port and optimize the existing software to the target hardware.


Algorithm development

We optimize your algorithm for the target processor including supporting the development of algorithms themselves..


Proposal of statistical analysis method

We propose the optimal analytic method or analysis itself based on the assumed use case and the type of data used for the analysis.


Development and optimization of the whole system

We support the development and optimization of the whole system taking into account the production site level or working in cooperation with purchasing and sales data.


Software performance evaluation

We investigate whether your software fully utilizes the hardware potential. We also report on the problems identified and provide proposals for future improvement.


Technical support

In addition to this, we support customers in a wide range of stages from research to product development.

Related Solutions

We provide various solutions for the realization of Smart Factories.



Solve the problem of analog data analysis with edge computing

Olive@Factory is a solution for Factory IoT that realizes predictive maintenance of production sites.

Utilizing machine learning, observing signs of equipment malfunction and abnormality, predicting failure. By reducing required maintenance, maintenance costs can be reduced and equipment availability can be improved.

OpenCL FPGA Cards


OpenCL improves system performance and design productivity

Nallatech's "OpenCL FPGA Cards" is an accelerator board that can utilize OpenCL (Open Compute Language).

By using the SDK, software developers dealing with C language can easily develop for systems using FPGAs. By using the FPGA as an accelerator, it is possible to improve the processing capacity of the system while lowering power consumption compared to other solutions.

Software acceleration

We utilize optimization and parallel processing technology to optimize applications and provide professional services to realize massive computational processing in a shorter time.

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Quantum computing

We combine optimization technology making full use of parallel processing technology and characteristics of various accelerators with a quantum computer showing overwhelming performance to provide a new high speed solution.

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Halide to FPGA

We offer IP core for FPGA by "Halide" which can shorten Time to Market down to 1/10 the time or less. A large amount of "Halide" sample code is available.

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