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Message from CEO

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Since its founding in 2002, Fixstars Corporation has advanced exceptional software technology as the core of it's business. It has promotted business with the motto "Speed up your business" with the world's top programmers. Fixstars has demonstrated product development that requires faster processing speed with hardware-aware software programming technology in several disciplines including parallel processing technology in multi-core environments, optimal programming technology for various hardware architectures, and controller development that utilizes the technical characteristics of NAND flash memory.

Today, along with the dramatic evolution of artificial intelligence technology, it is said that computer intelligence will surpass human intelligence in the near future. IoT / AI technology that analyzes and utilizes a large amount of data will be adapted to many fields such as automatic driving, robot technology, medical diagnosis, factory automation, genome analysis, finance, marketing analysis, and will accelerate the growth of mankind.

With the full arrival of the IoT / AI era, the problem of how to efficiently handle explosive data sizes and how to realize advanced analysis algorithms with limited computer resources within a limited time is becoming even more pertitent. This means that demand for high capacity storage technology and high speed processing technology cultivated by Fixstars will increase furthe and plays a larger role more often.

In the next ten years, mankind will make substantial progress with the development of computer technology centered on artificial intelligence. In order to contribute to this great progress with Fixstars' software technology, we will continue to aim to make further technological advancements while working hard every day.

Thank you for your continued support.

CEO and Founder
Satoshi Miki