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Fixstars Software acceleration service

By utilizing optimization as well as parallel processing technology to optimize applications, we provide professional services to realize massive calculation processing in a shorter time.

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Established a joint venture

Press release  January 15, 2018

In order to strengthen relationships in the automatic driving field, we established a joint venture with NEXTY Electronics Corporation.

Halide to FPGA (Beta)

Shorten the time to market to less than 1/10. Launched Halide to FPGA "(beta ) for IP cores for FPGAs.

Fixstars Autonomous Technologies

Fixstars and Toyota Tsusho Group's NEXTY Electronics will accelerate the realization of an automated driving society by making use of parallelization, optimization, machine learning and computer vision technology as a new "Fixstars Autonomous Technologies".

Quantum Computer Information Site

We are disseminating technical information on quantum computers in Japanese for the purpose of dissemination and promotion of quantum computing.


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Software acceleration

In various industrial fields, we offer optimal high-speed solution for customers' products.

OpenCL FPGA Card

We are providing and supporting "OpenCL FPGA Cards" made by Nallatech which can be designed using OpenCL.

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