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Accelerated Software Development Service

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Service Overview

Various issues and problems can occur in software acceleration. With Fixstars, our customer engineers interview customers to clarify the issues and problems that need to be overcome in order to achieve software acceleration. The engineer team then seeks the best possible plan and provide the best possible service to all customers.

Acceleration Workflow

A typical service for accelerated software development is to accelerate existing software.
We receive the existing software source code from the customer, make it accelerated, and return it with optimization and algorithm improvements.

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  • Benchmark
  • Identify bottlenecks

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  • Improve and develop algorithms
  • Optimize hardware
  • Create reports
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  • Q&A to reports and codes
  • Support for integration into actual products

Fixstars' Strengths

Fixstars is a group of experts in software acceleration that maximizes computer performance.

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Hardware expertise

There are software optimizations and developments that can only be done by experts with hardware knowledge like Fixstars. Based on our solid knowledge, we identify the optimal hardware for the target product and then develop software that takes full advantage of its performance.

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Capability to implement algorithm

With both the knowledge of hardware and the capability to implement algorithms, Fixstars can improve algorithms to match the characteristics of the hardware for acceleration.

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Specialized domain knowledge

We have specialized domain knowledge to evaluate research studies and published papers. Our expert team can identify best technologies for the product our customer wants to develop, and provides total support for development up to the actual implementation.

Service Area


Embedded Acceleration


Image Processing Algorithm Development


Distributed Parallel System Development


GPU Acceleration


FPGA System Development


Quantum Computing


AI and Deep Learning


Automotive Software Development


Firmware Development for Flash Memory

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