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Satoshi Miki

CEO and Founder

Satoshi is CEO of Fixstars Corporation since founding Fixstars in August 2002. He founded Softworld in 1998, assumed office as vice president of the board of directors, and handled many projects including an online securities trading system.
He graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce in 1995.


Toshiyuki Hachisuka


After joining the company in 2007, Toshiyuki served as Director of Sales, then as head of the hardware division and now is in charge of solution business. Prior to Fixstars, he served as the department manager at a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed trading company.
He graduated from Chuo University.

Minako Hori


Minako serves as General Manager of Fixstars' administration division.
Prior to her current position, she served as Director in charge of the company's administrative department at AGASTA CO., LTD.
She graduated from Keio University School of Economics in 2001.

Makoto Ishii

Outside Director

Mr. Ishii serves as an outside director of Fixstars.
He joined Sony Corporation in 1980 serving as Director of Business Division of Hybrid System Solution Division, Semiconductor Business Division, and President and Representative Director of Sony LSI Design.

Hiroaki Kabashima

Outside Director

Mr. Kabashima is an outside director of Fixstars.
He joined ING Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. (NN Life Insurance Company, Ltd.) in 1998. After working for IQ3 Inc., he served as general sales manager at Learning Technology Consulting Inc. He is President and CEO of LTS,Inc.

Yukino Enomoto

Outside Director

Ms. Enomoto is an outside director of Fixstars.
She was admitted as an attorney in 2002 and joined Yokohama Sogo Law Office. In 2007, she was appointed as a partner of the firm. Also since 2019 she has been serving as an outside auditor of Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Toshimichi Nozawa

Outside Director

Mr. Nozawa is an outside director of Fixstars.
He worked at Recruit Co., Ltd., DoubleClick Inc., and Google Inc., before overseeing the human resources and recruitment division as an executive officer at freee K.K. He is also serving as a director at THECOO Inc.

Yuzo Izumitani

Outside Corporate Auditor (full-time)

Mr. Izumitani is a full-time Corporate Auditor of Fixstars.
He joined Chase Manhattan Bank in 1975. Since then, he has served as Head of Westpac Bank Tokyo Branch and served as a full-time Corporate Auditor of State Street Trust and Banking Co. Ltd. for five years from 2006.

Yoji Nikaido

Outside Corporate Auditor (part time)

Mr. Nikaido is an outside corporate auditor of Fixstars.
He joined Tokyo Shibaura Electric (currently Toshiba Corporation) in 1962. From 1997 he took office as senior managing director of News Watch and since the following year he assumed office as Representative Director and President. After that, he served as a director at Semiconductor Portal.

Yoichi Shikata

Outside Corporate Auditor (part time)

Mr. Shikata is an outside corporate auditor of Fixstars.
He joined NEC Corporation in 1972 and served as Head of Documentation Division, Semiconductor Application Technology Division, and Director of Semiconductor IT Strategy Department. In 2002 he served as a director of Semiconductor Portal.