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  1. 2002 August
    Fixstars Corporation established in Yokohama.
  2. 2002 October
    Organization change to Fixstars Corporation
  3. 2003 July
    Moved head office to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  4. 2004 July
    Established Multicore Technology Development Department and started Cell software development service
  5. 2006 September
    Moved head office to Minato, Tokyo
  6. 2006 December
    Launched PS3 Information Site after the release of the PlayStation 3
  7. 2008 May
    Developed system for derivative calculation for Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
  8. 2008 October
    Established Fixstars Solutions, Inc. in California, USA as a wholly owned subsidiary, and acquired Yellow Dog Linux business from Terra Soft Solutions Inc.
  9. 2009 December
    Released "The OpenCL Programming Book - Parallel programming for multi-core CPU / GPU"
  10. 2010 March
    Moved head office to Shinagawa, Tokyo
  11. 2010 November
    Constructed large scale cluster using PlayStation 3s at the US Air Force Research Lab
  12. 2010 December
    Adopted for NEDO's "Low-power Many-core architecture and compiler technology" development project
  13. 2013 April
    Launched OpenCL FPGA Cards manufactured by Nallatech, USA
  14. 2013 June
    Received capital of 100 million yen from Toshiba Corporation, increased capital to 26275 million yen
  15. 2013 July
    Opened Ofuna office in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture as a base for Flash storage related business
  16. 2013 October
    Took 2nd place in the worldwide TCFPC 2013 programming contest
  17. 2014 April
    Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market
  18. 2016 April
    Participated in the "OpenPOWER Foundation" development community on Power Architecture products
  19. 2016 April
    Co-developed OSC "Asakusa on M3 BP" OS with Parallel Distributed Framework with Nautilus Technologies, Inc.
  20. 2016 November
    Moved listing from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market to the First market
  21. 2017 June
    Supercomputer "Kei" gained first place in the world for the fifth consecutive year in Graph 500
  22. 2017 June
    Started collaboration with D-Wave Systems Inc., who develops quantum computers
  23. 2018 February
    Established Fixstars Autonomous Technologies, a joint venture with NEXTY Electronics Corporation, with the intention of expanding business in the field of autonomous operation
  24. 2019 August
    Established Sleek Corporation (currently Sider Corporation) with the aim of further commercializing the Sleeek business, a software development management service using AI.
  25. 2019 October
    Established Smart Opinion, joint venture with Prodigy Medical Inc, for commercialization of breast cancer analysis using AI.
  26. 2020 March
    Acquired the shares of Oscar Technology Corporation and made it a subsidiary.
  27. 2020 December
    Changed the trade name of Sleek Corporation to Sider Corporation.
  28. 2021 April
    Moved head office to Minato, Tokyo.
  29. 2021 October
    Established Fixstars Amplify Corporation to provide services and consulting for the quantum computing cloud, Fixstars Amplify.
  30. 2022 April
    Transferred to the Prime Market in the new market segments.
  31. 2023 March
    Established Drone Autopilot Lab Corporation.
  32. 2024 April
    Established Fixstars Investment Corporation.