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Group Companies

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Fixstars Solutions, Inc.

Fixstars Solutions is our consolidated subsidiary and is engaged in sales and software development in North America.

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Fixstars Amplify Corporation

Fixstars Amplify Corporation is our consolidated subsidiary and develops, sells, and provides consulting services for "Fixstars Amplify", a quantum computing platform.

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Fixstars Autonomous Technologies Corporation

Fixstars Autonomous Technologies is our joint venture subsidiary with NEXTY Electronics Corporation and is mainly engaged in software development for autonomous driving.

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Sider Corporation

Sider Corporation is our consolidated subsidiary that develops and sells an app called "CloneTracker" that manages duplicate code and enhances system maintainability.

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Smart Opinion Inc.

Smart Opinion Inc. is our consolidated subsidiary and develops and sells "Smart Opinion," a breast cancer AI image diagnosis support system.

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Oscar Technology Corporation

Oscar Technology Corporation is our consolidated subsidiary and provides parallelization services and consulting with our software auto-parallelization technology.

About Us

Drone Autopilot Lab Corporation

Drone Autopilot Lab is our consolidated subsidiary, dedicated to developing and popularizing an autonomous driving cloud for drones, focusing on software development and conducting demonstration experiments.

Fixstars Investment Corporation

Fixstars Investment Corporation is our consolidated subsidiary and invests in and provides business support to deep-tech startups.