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Speed up your Trading

Acceleration experts realize the evolution of trading


Nanoseconds can make huge money

Financial markets in which incredible amounts of various financial assets are trading every day, are dramatically changing in accordance with the evolution of technology.

For derivative transactions such as futures and options, structured bonds, competitors are struggling to calculate the fair worth of them based on the underlying assets ahead of other competitors.

Also, a method of automatic transactions in nanoseconds at high frequencies utilizing a slight price distortion such as HFT (High Frequency Trading) also is adapting to hardware performance improvement and algorithm evolution , now it has become a considerable part of trading.

In addition, the movement called Fintech embodied by block chains and virtual currency is spreading rapidly, and the development of innovative and distributive new products and solutions using technology is accelerating.


In this way, the field of finance continues to evolve with technology, those who can adopt leading-edge technology and can achieve high speeds in nanoseconds can gain competitiveness and profit beyond their competitors.

Fixstars' solution for finance

— As an acceleration professional, we will contribute to the improvement of our customers competitiveness


Improvement of Risk and Derivatives Evaluation System

Along with the evolution of financial engineering, the calculation of risks and derivative valuations is increasingly complex every day.
In Fixstars, we realize high-speed operation by making use of mathematical analysis and statistical methods required for financial engineering, including knowledge about Databases, distributed processing, and technology to derive accelerated performance.


Further evolution of HFT

The competition of trading methods aimed at arbitrage is not limited to algorithm development, it is now required to optimize at the data path level inside the semiconductor as well as at the system level.
In order to realize speed-up in units of nanoseconds, we not only improve the algorithms themselves but also support hardware development and optimization for each semiconductor architecture.


Huge tranding data processing

With the spread of HFT and the establishment of dark pools by securities companies, the cost to finance companies and the profit levels have been greatly influenced by how to cope with the proliferation of trading data.
Fixstars offers distributed processing platforms and development environments that are easy to scale out in order to respond to the increasing trading data.

Service list


Software optimization

According to the customer's request (required specification), we port and optimize the existing software to the target hardware.


Hardware research / proposal

We investigate / propose hardware specifications from the viewpoint of software development (processing performance, ease of development, etc.).


Algorithm development

We optimize your algorithm for the target processor including supporting the development of algorithms themselves.


Previous study

We support software implementation, performance evaluation at the preliminary development stage, and performance estimation on target hardware and software development.


Software performance evaluation

We investigate whether your software fully utilizes the hardware potential. We also report on the problems identified and provide proposals for future improvement.


Technical support

In addition to this, we support customers in a wide range of stages from research to product development.

Related Solutions

We offer various solutions useful in the financial field.

M3 for Windows HPC cluster


Grid computing solution with high track records at financial institutions

M3 for Windows HPC cluster is a framework that provides the necessary functions for financial institutions to use Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 as the OS / middleware of cluster systems.

In financial applications such as derivative splicing tools which requires high computing power and risk management systems, it becomes possible to scale out the conventional server and shorten the calculation time.

M3 for Windows HPC cluster has been adopted by Japanese bank's financial grid system and is in operation.

M3 for Batch Processing


High speed processing of batch processing of business system and TCO reduction at high level

M3 for Batch Processing(M3 for BP) is a framework for high-speed processing of tasks expressed in the form of DAGs(Directed Acyclic Graph) and is provided as the execution platform of "Asakusa Framework™ (*1)" for efficiently developing and operating batch processing of business systems.

It is optimized to maximize execution performance in multi-core / multiprocessor environments on a single node, realizing faster operation batch processing and lower TCO at a higher level.

Software acceleration

We utilize optimization and parallel processing technology to accelerate applications and provide professional services to realize massive computational processing in a shorter time.

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Quantum computing

We combine optimization technology making full use of parallel processing technology and characteristics of various accelerators with a quantum computer showing overwhelming performance to provide a new high speed solution.

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Halide to FPGA

We offer IP core for FPGA by "Halide" which can shorten Time to Market down to 1/10 the time or less. A large amount of "Halide" sample code is available.

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