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Quantum Computing Solutions

Fixstars, which has always been devoted to “Speed up your Business”,
will now demonstrate the future of quantum computing. .

Unlock the potential of quantum computer

Quantum computing
shows awesome potential with terrific performance in specific areas,
but it does require software optimization to maximize the possibilities.


Consultation Service

You can use quantum computing efficiently through our consultation service. We also offer hardware optimization. 



We are adding quantum computing on top of our existing acceleration suite (CPU, GPU, FPGA) and will be able to propose the best method and algorithm for your needs.


Cloud Service

Enterprises and research institutes can use quantum computing via the cloud. A short trial is available for demo purposes. 



We offer seminars and training on quantum computing which include a basic how to use, research trends and practical applications. 

Technical information

Quantum Computer Information Site

The Quantum Computer Information Site is a website operated voluntarily by Fixstars engineers strictly as a means to spread information and knowledge about quantum computing.

The site provides superb content in Japanese to deepen our basic understanding of quantum computing.

Quantum Computer Information Site open_in_new



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