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Basic Policy

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Basic approach to corporate governance

Our corporate philosophy is "to pursue happiness of all employees and success of all customers through software technology, and to contribute to the improvement of happiness around the world by taking advantage of the technology of Fixstars". Under this corporate philosophy, we recognize that strengthening and enriching corporate governance is an important management issue that maintains long-term competitiveness and further improves it. We strive to increase corporate value by promoting efficient and highly profitable management structure while fulfilling our social responsibility to shareholders and all stakeholders supporting our corporate activities.

Contents of the organization of the company and situation of improvement of the internal control system etc.

Basic explanation of company's institution

As a company organization, Fixstars adopts the Board of Directors system, the executive board system, and the Board of Corporate Auditors system. The Board of Directors not only supervises and monitors the execution of duties of representative directors, it is also the best decision-making body in our management. The Executive Officers Committee aims to streamline operations by examining and deciding actions based on business execution in terms of management. The Board of Corporate Auditors audits the supervision performed by the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors consists of seven members and is an organization that deliberates and decides matters concerning the management of the Company stipulated by the Company Law. In principle, it is held once a month. There are also four outside directors.
The Executive Board of Directors consists of ten members, three of whom are directors and seven are executive officers, and executes business in accordance with the share allocated by the resolution of the Board of Directors.
The Board of Corporate Auditors is composed of three corporate auditors (all outside corporate auditors) and is an agency that comprehensively checks the legality and efficiency of management. All three corporate auditors attend the Board of Directors and audit the performance of duties by the directors.
Statutory auditors determine the audit policy by getting opinions from the audit firm, listening to business reports from the directors, etc. They exchange opinions on the results of the audits, and enhance the effectiveness of the audit.

Corporate Governance System

The situation of our company's corporate governance is shown as follows.