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Company Profile

Company name

Fixstars Corporation


August 8, 2002


Head office
Gate City Osaki West Tower 18th Floor 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 ( Map)
Yokohama Office
Yokohama Mitsui Building 28th Floor, Takasima 1-1-2 Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 220-0011 ( Map)


550 million yen (as of the end of September, 2018)

Number of Employees

176 (as of the end of September 2018)

Business contents

Multicore processor related business

Main client

  • Toshiba Memory Corporation
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Canon Inc.
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
  • Olympus Corporation
  • Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency etc.


  • CEO: Satoshi Miki
  • Director: Toshiyuki Hachisuka
  • Director of Administration: Minako Hori
  • Outside Director: Hisayoshi Kobayashi
  • Outside Director: Makoto Ishii
  • Outside Director: Naoki Endo
  • Outside corporate auditor (full-time): Yuzo Izumitani
  • Outside corporate auditor (part time): Yoji Nikaido
  • Outside corporate auditor (part time): Yoichi Shikata


Fixstars Solutions
Location: 9205 Research Drive, 1st Floor, Irvine, California 92618 ( Map)
Fixstars Autonomous Technologies
Location: Gate City Osaki West Tower 18th Floor 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 ( Map)


  • Fixstars Corporation established in Yokohama. Yokohama

  • Organization change to Fixstars Corporation Yokohama

  • Moved head office to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya

  • Established Multicore Technology Development Department and started Cell software development service Shibuya

  • Moved head office to Minato, Tokyo Minato

  • Launched PS3 Information Site after the release of the PlayStation 3 Minato

  • Developed system for derivative calculation for Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Minato

  • Established Fixstars Solutions, Inc. in California, USA as a wholly owned subsidiary, and acquired Yellow Dog Linux business from Terra Soft Solutions Inc. Sunnyvale

  • Released "The OpenCL Programming Book - Parallel programming for multi-core CPU / GPU" Minato

  • Moved head office to Shinagawa, Tokyo Shinagawa

  • Established Fixstars Multicore Laboratory Inc. in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo as a multi-core related R&D subsidiary Shinagawa

  • Constructed large scale cluster using PlayStation 3s at the US Air Force Research Lab Shinagawa

  • Adopted for NEDO's "Low-power Many-core architecture and compiler technology" development project Shinagawa

  • Fixstars Multicore Laboratory Inc. was liquidated Shinagawa

  • Launched OpenCL FPGA Cards manufactured by Nallatech, USA Shinagawa

  • Received capital of 100 million yen from Toshiba Corporation, increased capital to 26275 million yen Shinagawa

  • Opened Ofuna office in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture as a base for Flash storage related business Kamakura

  • Took 2nd place in the worldwide TCFPC 2013 programming contest Shinagawa

  • M 3 (m-cubed) solution is adopted by Olympus Corporation's laser scanning microscope Shinagawa

  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market Shinagawa

  • Announced 3TB SSD "Fixstars SSD-3000M" high capacity high speed storage products Shinagawa

  • Announced 6TB SSD "Fixstars SSD-6000 M" realizing further increase in capacity Shinagawa

  • Lenovo Japan Co., Ltd. began offering our large capacity high speed storage products. Shinagawa

  • Established Intelligent Evaluation Technologies, Inc. with SHIFT for the purpose of applying machine learning technology in the field of quality assurance Shinagawa

  • Announced 13TB SSD "Fixstars SSD-13000M" Shinagawa

  • Participated in the "OpenPOWER Foundation" development community on Power Architecture products Shinagawa

  • Co-developed OSC "Asakusa on M3 BP" OS with Parallel Distributed Framework with Nautilus Technologies, Inc. Shinagawa

  • Announced ultra compact, ultra high density, ultra low power consumption Linux computer Fixstars Solid State Server named "Olive" Shinagawa

  • Moved listing from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market to the First market Shinagawa

  • Supercomputer "Kei" gained first place in the world for the fifth consecutive year in Graph 500 Kobe

  • Started collaboration with D-Wave Systems Inc., who develops quantum computers Shinagawa

  • Established Fixstars Autonomous Technologies, a joint venture with NEXTY Electronics Corporation, with the intention of expanding business in the field of autonomous operation Shinagawa

  • Established Fixstars Cloud Solutions, a joint venture with Fusic for the purpose of collaboration in the cloud business Shinagawa

Fixstars  Corporation

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