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Speed up your Data I/O

High-speed data processing by advanced memory control technology

Flash storage

A monument to leading-edge hardware and software technology

Demand for flash storage is expanding every day. NAND flash memory mainly used in flash storage was invented in the 1980's. Since then, the range of applications has been spreading from memory cards and mobile devices to recently data centers and embedded systems such as automotive.

Hardware innovations such as miniaturization and 3D NAND have contributed to large capacity and low cost. In addition to these evolutions, it can be said that not only high-speed reading and writing storage performance, but also features such as low power consumption and high density can be said to be widely demanded in the era of rapid data expansion.

However, flash memory has various restrictions due to its hardware structure, and advanced software control is required to achieve both high reliability and the above performance.

Fixstars has been cultivating optimization and parallel processing technology that maximizes hardware resources since its establishment. Along with such advanced software technology, we will contribute to the evolution of flash storage.


Application field

Utilizing characteristics such as high-speed reading and writing of large capacity data, it is used in various fields


Memory card

Flash memory is widely used as "removable media" for digital cameras and PCs.


Mobile device

Used in products indispensable to our lives, such as smart phones and tablets.


Data center

Expanding with the high performance of reading and writing of large amounts of data, and with cost reduction.


Embedded device

Evaluated in several embedded applications such as automotive demanding high-speed processing of large amounts of data.

Service list


Software optimization

According to the customer's request (required specification), we port and optimize the existing software to the target hardware.


Hardware research / proposal

We investigate / propose hardware specifications from the viewpoint of software development (processing performance, ease of development, etc.).


Algorithm development

We optimize your algorithm for the target processor including supporting the development of algorithms themselves.


Previous study

We support software implementation and performance evaluation at the preliminary development stage, and performance estimation on target hardware and software development.


Software performance evaluation

We investigate whether your software fully utilizes the hardware potential. We also report on the problems identified and provide proposals for future improvement.


Technical support

In addition to this, we support customers in a wide range of stages from research to product development.

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