OpenCL on FPGA

Developing OpenCL applications since 2009

Key contributors to the OpenCL specification since its inception,
Fixstars is uniquely positioned to provide expert technical services.

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Introducing the M³ Platform

Faster and Simpler Parallel Processing

Fixstars has focused all its parallel processing technology and
expertise into the production of this new software platform.

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Experience its Unparalleled Performance

Engineered to maximize the full potential of all types of hardware.

M³ goes beyond multithreading technology, and hones in on key hardware features
by using SIMD technology and optimizing cache access, to offer high speed libraries.

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Reduce Your Time to Market

Cut development time of optimization for parallel processing.

M³ is optimized for each application, and offers an easy to use development framework.

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    Featured Product

    World's Fastest Multi-Core Geometry Engine

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    Geometric Performance Primitives

    The only computational geometry engine that's optimized for massive parallelization with accelerated NVIDIA® GPU technology

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    Fixstars is a skilled OpenCL practitioner and is ideally qualified to create state-of-the-art OpenCL educational materials. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand and start using the amazing power of OpenCL.

    - Neil Trevett, President, The Khronos Group

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