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Fixstars' IoT Solutions

Incorporation of embedded equipment into IoT

"Edge Computing" realizes efficient cloud computing

"IoT (Internet of Things)" where all sensors and things are connected to the Internet. Development of embedded devices compatible with this IoT has quite a lot of restrictions such as power consumption and physical size, so coordination with the cloud is indispensable for storing large amounts of data and performing advanced data analysis. On the other hand, the cloud requires usage and time restrictions, as well as a good internet connection environment. Therefore, rather than sending all the data to the cloud, a mechanism called "edge computing" is finding wider adoption. The edge computing saves storage and reduces the amount of data sent to the cloud for processing by narrowing down only the necessary data on the equipment side.

Fixstars will provide IoT solutions utilizing the edge computer "Olive" for embedded equipment and production sites.


Fixstars IoT Solutions

IoT solution for production site "Olive@Factory"

Edge computing to realize predictive maintenance of production sites


Olive@Factory is a solution for Factory IoT that realizes predictive maintenance of production sites.

At the production site, it is difficult to maintain facilities in the same way as before, due to the aging of equipment and the retirement of skilled technicians, etc., and the need to utilize IoT for improving yield and predicting failure is increasing.

By utilizing machine learning, Olive@Factory grasps the function deterioration of production equipment and signs of abnormality and predicts breakdown. By detecting abnormality at an early stage, costly downtime can be avoided, maintenance cost can be reduced, and equipment availability can be improved.

Service list


System integration

Consulting from Olive-based predictive maintenance system consulting to design and construction will be carried out according to customer's site environment and operation requirements.


Technical support

We provide stable system operation with experienced support engineers and fine-grained services with detailed details by IT specialists with specialized skills.

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We are offering the optimum speed-up solution for customers' products in various industrial fields where high-speed processing of large amounts of data is required.

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