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FPGA solution by Fixstars

What is FPGA

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is a kind of semiconductor that has the feature that circuit composition such as logic, wiring, clock frequency, I / O voltage can be changed even after manufacturing. Although the circuit configuration of other processors such as CPU and GPU which we normally use is fixed at the time of manufacture, in the case of FPGA, the circuit configuration can be changed according to each purpose even after manufacturing.

FPGAs were born in the 1980s, and they have been widely used in research, development, and prototyping where trial and error determines usage. In recent years, as miniaturization and price reduction have progressed, the range of applications have expanded from laboratory to communication, image processing and data centers. In addition, with the advancement of applications and intensification of development competition, the optimization of the entire system according to each application is required, and the demand for FPGA which can flexibly change the circuit configuration is increasing more and more.


FPGA solution by Fixstars

Halide to FPGA

Realize a high-performance and high-efficiency system with FPGA in an easy way


In FPGA circuit development, the paradigm differs greatly from software development, since the circuit development is very difficult for software engineers who have no experience. In Halide to FPGA, it is possible to develop circuits using a domain specific language called Halide, so even software engineers without experience in developing circuits in FPGAs can develop circuits easily.

In normal FPGA circuit development, it is necessary to rewrite with the hardware description language and verify the functions in order to realize the same functions in the logic circuit after implementing in C language etc. In Halide to FPGA, by simply describing it with Halide, you can output verifiable code on FPGA as well as CPU and GPU, which greatly shortens development time.

In our cases, we demonstrated that the development time is reduced to 1 /10, while at the same or superior performance in terms of processing speed and resource occupancy, compared to developed in hardware description language.

Service list



We provide consulting including comparison with cases using CPU and GPU for customers who are considering utilization of FPGA.



We provide FPGA cards that can be designed using OpenCL. We are expanding the applications such as communications and industrial equipment mainly for academic institutions.


Development · Acceleration

We develop and accelerate FPGA optimizing related software.


IP core

Utilizing Fixstars' IP core development technology, we will provide IP cores, including custom IP, tailored to the customer's application.

Related Solutions

We offer various solutions related to FPGAs.

OpenCL FPGA Cards


OpenCL improves system performance and design productivity

Nallatech's "OpenCL FPGA Cards" is an accelerator board that can be designed using OpenCL (Open Compute Language).

By using SDK, software developers dealing with the C language can easily develop systems using FPGA. By using the FPGA as an accelerator, it is possible to improve the processing capacity of the system with lower power consumption than other hardware.



Ultra compact, ultra large capacity, ultra-low power consumption micro server realized edge computing world

Olive@Factory is a solution for Factory IoT that realizes predictive maintenance of production sites.

Utilizing machine learning, grasping signs of equipment malfunction and abnormality, predicting failure. By omitting extra maintenance, maintenance cost can be reduced and equipment availability can be improved.

Related business areas

We are offering the optimum speed-up solution for customers' products in various industrial fields where high-speed processing of large amounts of data is required.

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