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Software acceleration

By utilizing optimization technology and parallel processing technology to optimize applications, we provide professional services to realize massive calculation processing in a shorter time.

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Quantum computing

Quantum computing shows promising performance in some domains. We will combine optimization technology and parallel processing technology to provide a new high speed solution.

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Halide to FPGA

Halide to FPGA is a website where various code written in the domain specialized language "Halide" is published, and also we provide FPGA IP automatically generated from our Genesis compiler.

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Olive@Factory is a solution for Factory IoT that realizes predictive maintenance by analyzing a huge amount of data acquired from sensors of production facilities and grasping signs of deterioration of equipment and signs of abnormality.

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helmi is a project improvement platform by AI. We acquire large amounts of information generated in daily software development and estimate automatic defects by machine learning.

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M3 for Windows HPC cluster

A framework that provides necessary functions for financial institutions to use Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 as OS / middleware of cluster systems.

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M3 for Batch Processing

A framework for high-speed processing of tasks expressed in the form of directed acyclic graphs and is provided as the execution platform of "Asakusa FrameworkTM" for efficiently developing and operating batch processing of business systems.

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OpenCL FPGA card

We are providing and supporting "OpenCL FPGA Cards" made by Nallatech which can be designed using OpenCL. Even software developers dealing with C language can easily develop systems using FPGAs.

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