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Press release  February 2, 2018

Fixstars announces the establishment of a joint venture "Fixstars Cloud Solutions, Inc."

Fixstars Corporation (CEO: Satoshi Miki, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Fixstars") announced today that it has agreed to establish a joint venture company to strengthen the relationship with Fusic  (CEO: Noutomi Sadayoshi, Head Office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as "Fusic") in the project management system field.

With the background of large-scale software development and advances in machine learning technology, we have provided a project management system that utilizes AI, mainly on-premises environment. Meanwhile, many client companies adopt multi-site/large-scale development style utilizing the cloud, there is a growing need for not only the on-premises environment but also the management system on the cloud environment. Under such circumstances, we concluded a contract this time to combine Fixstars' AI technology and knowledge of Fusic' s cloud technology to further evolve the project management system.

Fixstars offers its slogan "Speed up your business" and offers a total solution utilizing state-of-the-art software technology and high-performance hardware such as algorithm development using parallelization, optimization, machine learning etc.

Fusic provides software development and technical consultation with "Fusion of Society, IT and Culture". It is also certified as "APN Advanced Consulting Partner" to support the utilization of Amazon Web Services, and has deep knowledge in the development and operation of cloud applications.

With the expansion of the role played by software and large scale development, the competitiveness of the company has become influenced by software quality and development efficiency. In order to guarantee quality and delivery time, project managers are kept on daily review, on progress management, and in proportion to the scale of the project, the cost of verification work etc. has increased, and the cost of product development expenditure now occupies a large part. Meanwhile, with the evolution of hardware and algorithms, the practical application of AI has progressed rapidly, and it is realistic that AI will support and substitute for administration, project management and verification work by skilled engineers.

In a newly established joint venture, we will provide cloud solutions that combine knowledge of Fixstars' high-speed processing technology and knowledge about AI with cloud technology of Fusic to realize the evolution of software development by AI.

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