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Press release  November 16, 2017

Super computer "K" won the world first place

Supercomputer "K" gained the No. 1 world ranking in Graph 500 for the sixth consecutive year

Evaluation of the highest level in graph analysis, which is important in processing big data

The international collaborative research group of RIKEN (RIKEN), Kyushu University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain, Fujitsu Limited and Fixstars Corporation announced that an analysis result by the supercomputer "K" won the first place for the sixth consecutive year (7th in total) following June 2017 in Graph 500 which is the international performance ranking of supercomputer on big data processing (large scale graph analysis).

The performance of large-scale graph analysis is important in the analysis of big data requiring large-scale and complicated data processing, and "K" has been winning for over 5 years since its operation started. Due to this ranking result, it has been proved to have the world's highest ability for big data analysis. For the widespread dissemination of this achievement, the international collaborative research group has made the program open source and is now open from the GitHub repository. In the future we plan to establish global standards for large-scale high-performance graph processing.

Part of this research was conducted as part of "Ultra large scale graph optimization infrastructure in postpetascale systems" (Research Representative: Katsuki Fujisawa, Kyushu University, Representative: Toyotaro Suzumura Barcelona Supercomputing Center: ended in March 2017) which is a research subject of "Creation of system software technology contributing to post-petascale high-performance computation" (Research Summary: Mitsuhisa Sato RIKEN Research Institute for Computational Science) and "EBD: Fundamental Technology of Extreme Big Data for Yettabyte Processing in the Next Generation" (Researcher: Satoshi Matsuoka Tokyo Institute of Technology) which is a research subject of "Creation and systematization of next generation fundamental technology for utilization of big data integration" (Research Summary: Kitsuregawa Yu National Institute of Informatics) by Science and Technology Agency (JST) Strategy Research Promotion Project CREST.

For details of ranking, please visit here open_in_new.

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