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Press release  October 2, 2017

Intelligent Evaluation Technologies, Inc. launches project improvement platform "helmi"

Intelligent Evaluation Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo Shinagawa-ku, President and Representative Director: Yosuke Tamura, ie-tech), a joint venture company of Fixstars Corporation (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Miki, hereinafter Fixstars) and SHIFT (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tange Susuma, hereinafter referred to as SHIFT) announced that it will release the project improvement platform "helmi".

As the software system becomes larger and more complicated, development expenses including personnel expenses have been increasing steadily. In software testing that guarantees the quality of software, we have been trying to estimate defect points and to improve the efficiency of verification tasks based on the experience rule of experienced technicians. While such human-based software development system continues, due to the evolution of hardware performance that enables large-scale data processing and the evolution of machine learning techniques such as deep learning, automatic defect prediction and automatic correction by machines have become more realistic.


"Helmi" acquires a vast amount of information generated in daily software development and estimates automatic defects by machine learning. Periodically extract features at troublesome areas from defect correction history, create machine learning model, and use it for failure prediction. Estimated failure probability can be used to prioritize software tests and code review. In this way, "helmi" realizes further improvement of quality and elimination of individualization by discovering regularity and relevance of information which can not be judged manually from a large amount of information.

"We divided the tasks that were made into individuals into" work "and" judgment ", and we have been working on creating systems and mechanisms that enable engineers to concentrate on creative work." SHIFT Representative Director and President, Mr. Masaru Tange said, "Now that artificial intelligence is gaining attention, I am very pleased to further advance the quality creation by further science of quality, structuring various "judgments", and eliminating the transition to judgment. Through "helmi", we can consider the ideal form of software development and further improve the value of engineers. "

"The practical application of machine learning techniques such as deep learning has progressed, and the need for high-speed processing of large amounts of data is increasing more and more." Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars said.
"We are extremely pleased to be able to apply our technologies evolving day by day in response to these needs to important fields affecting the quality of products called software testing. Through "helmi" we will contribute to the efficient improvement and higher quality of software development."

President and Representative Director of ie-tech, Yosuke Tamura commented as follows.
"The use of artificial intelligence is long-awaited in the software industry, that is suffering from the chronic shortage of human resources, and as a first step, I am delighted that we were able to launch innovative products in the field of defect prediction. We are hoping that 'helmi' realized by organic collaboration of the three companies will open up a new world where the engineers can be released from the cumbersome miscellaneous work and concentrate on more creative work at the harsh site of product development."

About new service

  • Service name:"helmi"
  • Overview:
    Mining a huge amount of information generated in software development with AI, automatic prediction of defect occurrence is carried out. By prioritizing code reviews and software tests from defect occurrence prediction information, we can realize early troubleshooting and test cost control.
  • Price:200,000 yen per month / repository
  • Distributor:Fixstars Corporation, SHIFT Corporation, Intelligent Evaluation Technologies, Inc.
  • Sales start date: October 2, 2017 (Monday)
  • URL: open_in_new (Japanese)
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