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Press release  September 26, 2017

Collaborative research with Waseda University Advanced Research Institute

― Contributing to the diffusion of quantum computing peripheral technologies ―

On September 26, Fixstars Corporation (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Miki, hereinafter Fixstars) and Waseda University Advanced Research Institute (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Director: Hideaki Miyajima) have contracted to start a joint research agreement aiming at the theoretical research on accelerating Ising model type information processing device.


The Ising model is a kind of statistical mechanics model, and it is widely used as a method for "combinatorial optimization problem" which searches for the best alternative from a huge choice. In recent years, attempts have been made to implement the Ising model on hardware to process "combinatorial optimization problem" at high speed, and commercialization is progressing, including quantum annealing machines developed and sold by D-Wave Systems Inc. .

Fixstars has strengths in optimization and parallelization according to the structure of the semiconductor architecture, and has been providing high speed utilizing accelerators such as GPU and FPGA since about the time of its appearance. In addition, in collaboration with D-Wave Systems Inc. which realized the commercialization of quantum annealing machine ahead of the world, we are beginning to support the introduction of quantum computing etc.

Fixstars uses an Ising model type device including the quantum annealing machine in a true problem in this study and wrestles for examination of the speedup being aware of the architecture. In addition, Mune Tanaka, associate professor (the technology promotion system lead and holds an additional post of researcher) of the Waseda University high grade research institute who has knowledge of the statistical physics and technique of the large-scale numerical computation alive in the Waseda University high research institute, and has rich results for theory and study of the Ising model type information processing and practical use, is in charge and builds the instruction in the theory and study concerned.


Fixstars operates "Quantum Computer Information Site" (Japanese) for information disclosure and information exchange aiming at spreading and promoting quantum computing.

In addition, Fixstars offers quantum computing solutions such as introduction support. For more information on Fixstars' quantum computing solution, please see open_in_new .

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