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Press release  September 20, 2017

Adopted as a strategic creative research promotion project "CREST"

Fixstars Corporation announces that the research subject, "Edge learning infrastructure that realizes both real-time performance and full data quality" submitted as a co-operative researcher is adopted as a new research subject of "CREST" promoting strategic creation research by Science and Technology Promotion Organization (Headquarters: Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama Prefecture, President: Michinari Hamaguchi) .

In this research, Mr. Hirohiro Matsutani, Associate Professor, Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Associate Professor Mr. Masaki Kondo and Fixstars have adopted "Creation and integration of artificial intelligence technology that contributes to the creation of innovation" as a research area.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is being rapidly promoted all over the world, it is said to be "Data is the Next Oil". The latest technology by machine learning of IoT data such as optimization of manufacturing process, automation of abnormality detection, failure prediction of manufacturing equipment, etc. will influence corporate profit level and competitiveness. In order to perform more accurate analysis, "total data nature" is required to learn more data. Also, in the field of manufacturing, delay of several seconds leads to a loss of several hundred million yen, so "real time property" corresponding to ever-changing data is required. On the other hand, learning a lot of data to secure "all data nature" requires several hours to several days and in some cases several weeks, so "real-time nature" is sacrificed .

Towards compatibility between "all data nature" and "real time nature" in a trade-off relationship, this research aims to construct "AI processing infrastructure that realizes both real-time property and full data nature", co-ordinating with "Learning with IoT device" and "Learning with on-premise and cloud-based central server".
In the small phase of the research, we will accumulate achievements with early adapters to establish each element technology. When an additional research plan is adopted, we will integrate elemental technologies as an acceleration phase, demonstrate the effectiveness through demonstration experiments, and aim for expansion of the scope of application of this technology and market development.


Fixstars' large capacity high-speed storage server "Olive" has been demonstrated and introduced in multiple companies as a platform for demonstration experiments at smart factories. In this research, we will use "Olive" as one of the platforms for demonstration experiments, and evaluate and feedback each elemental technology. In this research, Fixstars will take charge of system development for demonstration experiments, exploitation of partner companies to conduct demonstration experiments, utilizing the achievements in "Olive".

For more information on "Olive", please click here.

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