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Press release  June 26, 2017

Fixstars agrees to collaborate with D-Wave Systems, Inc. on quantum computers

Fixstars Corporation (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Miki, hereinafter Fixstars) has agreed to collaborate with D-Wave Systems, Inc. (Headquarters: British Columbia, Canada, hereinafter D-Wave) on quantum computers.

Fixstars has provided high-speed solutions by using parallel processing etc. from the dawn of multicore, and since then GPU, FPGA, etc have been used as accelerators. We have realized high-speed by taking advantage of the structure of each semiconductor architecture as soon as possible. In the future, we will provide introduction support for quantum computers that collaborate with D-Wave and show overwhelming potential as an accelerator in specific areas.

D-Wave is a company based in British Columbia, Canada, which provides quantum computers based on quantum annealing. In 2011, they announced D-Wave One, the world's first commercial quantum computer, and starting with Lockheed Martin, various enterprises and research institutes such as Google and NASA have introduced D-Wave quantum computers.

Mr. Hidenori Nishimori of Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor of Science, who proposed the fundamental operation principle of the quantum annealing machine ahead of the world commented as follows.
"With the practical use of quantum annealing machines, attention to quantum computing has been rapidly increasing in recent years, along with its amazing achievements. As a kind of accelerator developed based on a completely new principle for the purpose of "combinatorial optimization problem" and sampling, quantum computing has tremendous potential. It is also being used in technologies that support the development of artificial intelligence such as optimization of traffic volume, portfolio optimization in finance, addition of machine learning, etc. It has very great potential. We are greatly expecting that Fixstars, which has been accelerating various accelerators and using accelerators, will show further possibilities of quantum computing with quantum annealing machines."

Mr. Tanaka Sou (Associate Professor of Science and Technology Promotion Organization PRESTO researcher) of Associate Professor at Waseda University Institute of Advanced Studies who positively conduct industry-university collaboration and pushed forward the research on information processing technology with quantum annealing machines commented as follows.
"Currently, many companies and research institutions are considering using quantum annealing machines, but there are many cases to consult where they are suffering without knowing how to utilize their characteristics. In order to expand its use in the future, not only expert advice on hardware provision and physical characteristics of quantum annealing machines but also applications that can be used on machines and provision of support in accordance with applicable fields and algorithms, will become necessary. We expect that Fixstars, which has been working on speeding up various processors and in industrial sectors, will collaborate with D-Wave to ensure that the base of quantum computing will expand."

Robert "Bo" Ewald, president of D-Wave International commented as follows. "In order to advance the practical application of quantum computing, strong collaboration with experts and industry leaders all over the world is indispensable. In addition to professional support such as Professor Nishimori and Associate Professor Tanaka, we will cooperate with a leading company like Fixstars to provide customers with faster and more fantastic solutions around the world. "

Mr. Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars, commented as follows. "I am very pleased to announce the start of collaboration with D-Wave this time. Since its inception, Fixstars has set advanced software technology at the core of its business and has offered speed-up solutions using optimization for each hardware architecture that evolves day by day, parallel processing, and so on. By offering support for introducing quantum annealing machines that show overwhelming performance in specific areas, we will further accelerate our customers' business."

For inquiries about our quantum computing business, please contact here open_in_new.

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