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Corporate  November 10, 2016

Announced full-year financial results for the fiscal year 2016

We have announced our full-year financial results for the fiscal year 2016. The outline of the settlement of accounts is as follows.

・Both sales and profits exceeded full year earnings forecast, renewing record highs
Net Sales: 4,063 million yen (+ 13.4% YoY)
Operating income: 710 million yen (+ 15.7% YoY)
・Stable growth in both software / hardware and hardware base

Software & Services Business>
・Flash memory related services continue to drive growth
・Strong inquiries continue for high-speed services, especially in automotive-related fields
・Newly acquired machinery learning projects centering on finance and the web

Hardware foundation business>
・Arithmetic board with image processing processor rises above the initial estimate
・High-capacity high-speed storage · Server continues aggressive marketing activities centering on domestic manufacturing industry
・Focus on new acquisition of total solution project combining software / hardware and hardware provision


For details, please see the summary of financial results and supplementary explanation materials.

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