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Press release  January 13, 2017

Fixstars to start the Fixstars Scholarship program

Fixstars has started a scholarship program with the aim of supporting excellent students who mainly learn computer science in order to improve the software skills of Japan.

Target Students enrolled in Japanese colleges, universities, graduate schools and prospective graduates. Do not ask the undergraduate faculty / major department. However, the selection materials will be evaluated in Japanese or English, and the selection will focus on the academic ability and vision of the information system. Nationality is not required.
Scholarship Annual 600,000 yen (twice a year payment: 300,000 yen is scheduled for March and September)
* Continuous acceptance is also possible by reapplying.
Selection criteria We comprehensively judge the level of information technology that is being acquired, the uniqueness of research theme, future vision, etc. We will evaluate additional themes and technologies related to the priority research areas below.
Priority technical area
  • "Parallel calculation"
  • "Distributed system"
  • "Real time calculation"
  • "Super fast calculation"
  • "Grid Computing"
  • "Artificial intelligence"
  • "Intelligent control"
  • "Computer Graphics"
  • "Image processing"
  • "Risk management"
  • "Financial Engineering"
Number of people About 10 people (planned)
Recruitment period January 1, 2017 - January 31 (recruitment once a year)
Oral Exam: February
Adoption decision: End of February (planned)
Selection Submit the following documents by post or e-mail attachment (For the address, please refer to the following inquiries)
  1. Resume (according to marketing style)
  2. Research Outline / Research Plan
  3. Documents certifying student enrollment or admission to school (Certificate of student status, copy of certificate of success etc)
Other Documents submitted for screening will not be returned. Secondary screening (verbal examinations) will be conducted at Fixstars Headquarters (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo).
In providing scholarships, we will report the status of research at the Fixstars Headquarters headquarters.
In principle, 600,000 yen will be paid to those who have been adopted, but payment may be discontinued at the discretion of our company in the case that applies below.
  • Academic record, improper behavior, dropping out or getting a job on the way
  • Receiving a scholarship from a third party other than a university, municipality, public interest corporation
  • Failure to report above
Also, because it is not loan, there is no obligation to repay irrespective of whether you join our company. On the contrary our company does not take any obligation including adoption and credit granting.
Contact Information Fixstars Corporation scholarship engagement
Gate City Osaki West Tower 18th Floor 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032
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