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Press release  April 18, 2016

Fixstars announces ultra-compact, ultra-high density, ultra-low power consumption Linux computer Fixstars Solid State Server "Olive"

Fixstars introduced the Fixstars Solid State Server "Olive" ultra-compact, ultra-high density, ultra-low power Linux computer that stores SoC FPGA and up to 13TB of Flash Memory in a 2.5 inch form factor and runs at 6.5W. By sequentially developing Software Development Kit(SDK), we will support the development of embedded systems, appliances and servers.


The Olive SDK will include libraries that accelerate operations such as image processing and streaming processing using FPGAs. Olive users will be able to easily develop applications that can effectively utilize high performance, low power FPGAs using the Olive SDK.

Mr. Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars, commented as follows.

"In Fixstars, we conceived the concept of Solid State Server as a form of a new computer that realizes Green IT, and I am pleased to be able to announce “Olive”, the comprehensive development platform as its first product. Olive is packed with various know-how that Fixstars has cultivated through SSD development and optimization services. We hope that many developers can use Olive and contribute to the development of power saving system utilizing FPGA and Flash Memory. "

Fixstars also provides Olive-based appliances and servers. As an example, we developed an appliance server for Ceph object storage. We will exhibit technology of cluster solution with 12 appliances in 1U rack at our 2016 NAB Show's own booth, held from 18th to 21st April 2016 in Las Vegas, United States.

Main specifications of Fixstars Solid State Server “Olive”

Shape 2.5 inch form factor
FPGA Xilinx® Zynq®-7030
CPU ARM® Cortex®-A9 (Dual core)
Interface 1Gb Ethernet
OS Yocto Linux
Onboard Storage NAND Flash Memory (512GB~13TB)
Power consumption 6.5W
External dimensions 100mm x 70mm x 9.5mm (512GB~6TB)
100mm x 70mm x 15mm (13TB)

For information on Fixstars Solid State Server “Olive” please visit In addition, information on Ceph object / storage solution exhibited at 2016 NAB Show is

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