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Speed up your Medical Care

Acceleration experts realize evolution of medical practice


Evolution of technology protects human health and life

There are no bounds to medical needs mainly in matured countries. In addition to advancement and refinement of diagnosis and treatment, such as identifying diseases by early diagnosis and tailor-made medicine, more advanced medical practices such as pre-onset prevention and complete recovery of affected functions are now required.

To respond to these needs, various medical devices have been researched and developed. Among them, diagnostic devices such as image diagnostic devices have been rapidly evolving with advances in computer technology. Along with the improvement of medical image processing technology used in CT, MRI, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, etc., it has become possible to use higher speed, wider area, and higher definition data while advancing downsizing of equipment.

Technologies called bioinformatics are also evolving greatly. A project to analyze the whole nucleotide sequence of the human genome, which is called the human genome project in the past, succeeded after the passage of 13 years. However, with the advancement of DNA sequencer devices, the same work as the human genome project can be done in a few days now. Based on data such as genes obtained by analyzing, it is expected that prevention, diagnosis and treatment according to each case will be carried out.


Fixstars' solution for healthcare

— As a professional for acceleration, we will contribute to the evolution of medical care


Acceleration of medical image processing

Diagnostic imaging equipment is required to be smaller, higher definition, and more sophisticated.
Fixstars realizes high speed processing through improvement of algorithms, optimization for the hardware, and provision of hardware itself.


Advancement of research equipment

With the evolution of both hardware and software, the role of information engineering in the development of research equipment is increasing.
Fixstars contributes to advancements of research equipment and improvement of operation by using software technology centering on image processing.


Acceleration of bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is also called the fusion area of life science and information science.
In addition to experiences of mathematical analysis, statistics and software acceleration, Fixstars realizes high-speed processing of vast amounts of data of life with full use of bioinformatics knowledge.

Service list


Software optimization

According to the customer's request (required specification), we port and optimize the existing software to the target hardware.


Hardware research / proposal

We investigate / propose hardware specifications from the viewpoint of software development (processing performance, ease of development, etc.).


Algorithm development

We optimize your algorithm for the target processor including supporting the development of algorithms themselves.


Previous study

We support software implementation and performance evaluation at the preliminary development stage, performance estimation etc on target hardware and software development.


Software performance evaluation

We investigate whether your software fully utilizes the hardware potential. We also report on the problems identified and provide proposals for future improvement.


Technical support

In addition to this, we support customers in a wide range of stages from research to product development.

Related Solutions

We offer various solutions useful in the healthcare field.

Software acceleration

We utilize optimization and parallel processing technology to optimize applications and provide professional services to realize massive computational processing in a shorter time.

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Quantum computing

We combine optimization technology making full use of parallel processing technology and characteristics of various accelerators with a quantum computer showing overwhelming performance to provide a new high speed solution.

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Halide to FPGA

We offer IP core for FPGA by "Halide" which can shorten Time to Market down to 1/10 the time or less. A large amount of "Halide" sample code is available.

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