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L-3 Communications

New Fixstars SSD Speed Up NAS (PDF 643KB)

Keywords: TCO Reduce,  Sustained High Performance,  Highest Capacity


New Stress-free Composite System for High Resolution Video with Fixstars SSD (PDF 390KB)

Keywords: TCO Reduce,  High Performance,  High Capacity

What to Use?

The Fixstars SSD is optimal for applications relying on stable sequential access to large-volume data.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Latest automotives have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for safety and better driving. ADAS technology requires a large amount of image and sensor data. Fixstars' high density SSDs are suitable for this application.

Video and Broadcasting

The SSD is indispensable in the 4K workflow, including recording, editing and post production. The Fixstars SSD, with more than twice the capacity of ordinary SSDs and stable sequential access performance, will enhance the performance of any video equipment.

Big Data Analysis

SNS and shopping sites frequently engage in marketing that relies on Big Data analysis. Big Data analysis, in particular in systems that use Hadoop, benefits greatly from the high performance sequential access provided by the Fixstars SSD.

Embedded Systems

Tools performing inspection during manufacturing processes need to read and write images that record detailed information at extremely high resolution. The highly customizable Fixstars SSD can be adapted, by adjusting the capacity, geometry and other properties, to suit the relevant tool.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging devices such as CT scans, MRI, and X-rays, are reaching ever higher resolutions and accuracy as the equipment steadily improves. The Fixstars SSD provides the speed and stable performance required by the strict demands of cutting-edge medical imaging devices.

Communications systems

With the spread of smartphones and tablets, the data volume of mobile content has increased exponentially, and the communications infrastructure is continually reinforced. Storage servers handling large volume transmissions at high speed also benefit from the high performance provided by the Fixstars SSD.

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