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Multi-core Acceleration Platform - M³

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lucille has been implemented on the M³ (M-cubed), a software platform which works in multiple multi-core environments. M³ will enable application developers to pull out the full performance of multi-core processors, while increasing development efficiency.

Why use M³ Platform?

The M³ Platform is a better way to build high speed renderers, using multi-core, multi-node and multi-architecture technology. You can achieve difficult parallelization easily by writing single code on the M³ Platform.

Get parallelized renderer easily

M³ provides Parallel Framework and Primitive Libraries to effectively utilize the available hardware resources, namely multi-cored processors and cluster environments. The Framework and Libraries achieves Multi-threading, SIMDization, Gand cluster execution automatically. The benefits of Parallel Programming is now within your grasp. Save your time on core software development, such as improving algorithms and adding new functions etc, and no longer worry about for parallel programming as an obstacle to reaching your productivity goals.

Enhance your productivity

lucille Source Code is available to be customized, in addition to the M³ Platform. It is much easier and effective customizing lucille than building a renderer from scratch. In addition to the source code, there are rich developer support resources, such as Developers Guides, M³ Wiki documents including Source code reference, API reference, Developer Forum and FAQ.

How to Develop on the M³ Platform

We provide a user guide and tutorials for development on M³.
Please see Get Started.