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lucille is a Global Illumination renderer made specifically for artists, developers, and engineers who need sophisticated ray tracing capabilities and reduced computing times. Built on the M³ software platform, lucille has an enormous speed and compatibility advantage over other ray tracing renderers. M³ provides a highly-optimized foundation for multi-core architectures, allowing lucille to run effortlessly on all major platforms.

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Rendering Software Developers

lucille's unique licensing options allow open source development of customized render engines. lucille's SDK simplifies the task of building special purpose ray tracers, enabling developers to create entirely new render engines from robust components designed to deliver consistent results regardless of platform.

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CG Artists

With physically accurate lights and materials, image-based lighting, and ultra-low noise ray tracing, lucille delivers uncompromising results with dramatically reduced computing times. It's RenderMan compatibility leverages well established workflows, rendering fully ray traced images in a highly-optimized, cross-platform solution.

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  • Physically Accurate Global Illumination
  • Unnaturally Fast
  • Customizable Source Code
  • RenderMan Compatible
  • Cross Platform

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What's M³

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M³ is a software platform which works on multiple multi-core environment. M³ will enable application developers to leverage the full performance of multi-core processors, while increasing development efficiency.
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