What is lucille?
lucille is a global illumination renderer made specifically for artists, developers, and engineers who need sophisticated ray tracing capability and reduced compute times. Built on the M³ which is a software platform, lucille has an enormous speed and compatibility advantage over other ray tracing renderers.
What OS are supported by lucille?
lucille supports Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit, and Windows 7 64bit.
What is M³ Platform?
M³ is a software platform which works on multiple multi-core environment. M³ will enable application developers to pull out the full performance of multi-core processors, while increasing development efficiency.
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What 3D platforms are supported by lucille?
lucille supports Autodesk 3dsMAX 2010,2011 and 2012.
Does lucille have Distributed Rendering Functionality?
Yes. lucille can divide a frame into pieces to be rendered on several servers as well as with the 3dsMAX backburner. On your rendering farm,lucille can be operated. However,Distributed rendering functionity is not supported by the current version. The schedule of updated version will be announced on the website.
Will lucille take advantage of all the multicore CPU in my workstation?
Yes. lucille has been developed on M³ Platform which optimizes a renderer to multi-core, multi-node, and multi-architecure environment. Fixstars has been utilizing their expertise in parallel programming for software development. Multi-core technology is fully utilized to acclerate the rendering speed.
Does lucille have any limitation in hardware environment?
No. lucille can be operated in workstations used for 3D creation. It is recommended, however, to be operated on a system with Intel x86 CPU quadcore CPU, 8GB memory and 100GB HDD or better.


Sample Slot in the Material Editor only shows pitch black.
[Sample Slot] is not supported by lucille at this moment. From the Render Setup, go to [Common]->[Assign Renderer] and see if lucille Renderer is applied to [Material Editor]. If lucille Renderer is applied to [Material Editor], unlock the assigned renderer and choose Default Scanline Renderer.
Objects can not be rendered.
The object might be named by non-alphabet characters. lucille can not renderer objects that includes non-alphabet characters. Please make sure to name objects using alphabet.
The software froze in the middle of rendering.
The memory may have run out. Please prepare more than 8GB memory.
Or, parameter settings may make the process too heavy. Setting Quality higher than 10 in Displacement, Global Illumination, Motion Blur may cause freezing