Thank you for visiting our booth at SIGGRAPH 2012!

The Fixstars team would like to thank you for visiting our booth at SIGGRAPH 2012 in LA where we launched our latest GI rendering software, lucille, running on the NAND flash array storage system, the Violin Memory 6616.

We demonstrated a great speed increase in rendering a massive particle scene by utilizing Fixstars’ “lucille” global illumination renderer and the newest Violin 6616 Flash Memory Array. At maximum, it has achieved a 50X speed increase in rendering a massive particle computer graphics (CG) scene.The stunning results are accomplished through the combination of lucille’s superior parallel processing performance and the industry’s fastest I/O throughput of the Violin 6616.

To see more detail of the solution, please check the following brochure and white paper, which were handed out at the booth.

In addition, please check out the particle demo movie rendered by lucille.

Watch larger video

About lucille

lucille is a Global Illumination ray-tracing renderer that combines exceptional quality with incredible speed. From miniature models to complex scenes, lucille’s RenderMan compatibility and efficient design allow it to render photo-realistic images effortlessly.

lucille is now available for download for software developers and CG artists:

About Violin Memory 6616

The Violin Memory 6616 is a storage solution configured from 100% Toshiba NAND flash memory.It’s based on Single Level Cell (SLC) flash memory and optimized for high IOPS and low latency, while still providing robust RAID protection, ultra-low response times, high transaction rates, and real-time queries of large datasets.

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