Get Involved

No matter what your skill level, contributing to projects can be very rewarding and a great learning experience. You'll meet lots of smart, passionate developers who are all driven to create the best middleware possible in open source! You don't have to be an expert to get involved and it doesn't have to take a lot of time. Here are some different ways you can help to make things better.

  Test Upcoming Releases

Finding bugs prior to a final release is the best way to ensure the next version of a project does what you need. Try out the latest alpha, beta or candidate releases and let us know if you find anything that needs fixing.

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  Create Documentation

There's nothing better than well written, up-to date documentation that makes you productive in no time. If you see something missing or just want to correct a mistake, use our project documentation editor to make changes instantly. You can also add articles to the wiki to highlight tips and tricks.

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  Help Users

Providing support to users is a great way to collaborate and give back to the community. Lots of questions are asked and answered each day.

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  Report Issues

User feedback is a critical part of the open source development process. If you find a bug or have suggestions for an enhancement or new feature go ahead and report it us by email.

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  Translate Documentation

If English isn't your natural language you may want to read documentation in your own language. To cover as many languages as possible we encourage people to contribute translations whenever they can.

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  Discuss Future Development

If you're involved in a particular project and want to have a say in its future development you can talk with the project team via the dev forums/mailing lists to have your voice heard.

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