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    Outcome-based Compensation
    for Cloud Cost Saving Services
    By optimizing your cloud applications, Fixstars not only improves
    their performance but will also reduce your Cloud Computing

Fixstars Cloud Solutions

Fixstars, a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner, has developed its high-speed technology over many years on
cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack environments.
Fixstars Cloud Solutions are proven to contribute to not only improved performance and
reduced processing time, but they will also reduce the amount spent on cloud services.

With the no up front costs, cloud users will see if their application can be improved risk free.

Improve Application Performance

Risk Free

Outcome-based Compensation

Improve Application Performance

Fixstars uses its extensive experience to improve parallel applications on high-performance multi-core CPU and cluster systems used during processing. We have proven that processing time is greatly reduced for applications in various fields.

This optimized application is then further enhanced via improving conventional methods of cloud optimization, ensuring the application is most efficient with the particular characteristics of the selected cloud infrastructure.

By using multiple optimization techniques, Fixstars is able to significantly reduce the execution time of the entire system thus providing a significant reduction in the usage-based billing costs. In particular, applications requiring an enormous amount of compute time should expect significant reduction in cost savings.

  • Adjustment to optimized algorithms
  • Optimization that takes full advantage of multi-core processors
  • Efficient parallel processing based on multiple servers
  • Effective management of computing node

Risk Free

We will evaluate and optimize your application free of charge until we can demonstrate a cost reduction in your cloud services. Fixstars eliminates your investment risk and focuses on processing acceleration and optimization.

Outcome-based Compensation

After demonstrating a reduction in cloud expenses in a test environment, a contract will be negotiated where a certain percentage of the actual cloud services cost reduction will become Fixstars’ compensation. If there no cost savings, Fixstars will not not charge any service fees.

If your organization needs to reduce their cloud computing expenses, Fixstars Cloud Solutions ensures an improvement in your bottom line.

Inquiries About Cloud Solutions

To inquire about how to save on your cloud services expenditures or if you are interested in other Fixstars Cloud Solutions, please feel free to contact us here.
Our experts will contact you to help customize the best solution for your company.

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